PVB film is one of the most popular interlayer used for glass lamination. PVB stands for polyvinyl butyral. Laminated glass, commonly used in the automotive and architectural fields, comprises a protective interlayer, usually PVB, bonded between two panels of glass. The bonding process takes place under heat and pressure. When laminated under these conditions, the PVB interlayer becomes optically clear and binds the two panes of glass together. Once sealed together, the glass "sandwich" (i.e., laminate) behaves as a single unit and looks like normal...xx

In a hot climate, we prefer it cooler indoors.With ACP film, one has it all — comfortable temperature with natural light and sharp colors. It is a new generation of high-performance PVB film using nanoparticles technology, designed to give laminated safety glass more efficient solar heat control properties. It is unique in that it combines an excellent protection against infra-red radiation with the advantage of allowing light in while preserving the natural colors of what we can see through the glass.

Banda PVB is an innovative producer of high-quality PVB interlayer for laminated architectural and automotive safety glass. Located in port-city, Lianyungang , Jiangsu province. The plant benefits from excellent connections to major roads, railways networks and is at the door step of international ports such as Lianyungang, Qingdao and Shanghai.Since its creation in 2017, Banda PVB demonstrate a dedicated commitment to be a preferred supplier of consistant quality PVB film for the architectural laminated safety glass market...