PVB Interlayer Composition

PVB interlayers consists of 75% PVB resin, 25% plasticizer and a small amount of other substances as additives manufactured, these substances owns strong adhesion control agent, ultraviolet inhibitor, and with different pigment of colors, collectively referred to as additives. QQ截图20181124140419.pngimage.png

In 1927, the Canadian chemists Howard W. Matheson and Frederick W. Skirrow invented the plastic polyvinyl butyral. PVB has been the dominant interlayer material since the late 1930s. 

The market for laminated glass products is mature. With only minor modifications, the PVB interlayer sold today is essentially identical to the PVB sold 30 years ago. Since its introduction in 1938, the worldwide market for PVB interlayer has been dominated by a handful of large chemical companies. As a result, inventive efforts have tended toward methods of making the interlayer itself cheaper to manufacture, or making the interlayer easier to handle and less prone to material defects during the process of fabricating laminated glass.