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Architecture PVB Film

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Architectural PVB interlayer film, the laminated glass depend on long-term adhesion, it is an assurance of the high quality and long service life.  BANDA products are good for these properties. For its customer service, that starts with technical consultations – in the design of new production installations, for instance – and can include the joint development of innovative products. Architectural PVB interlayer glass has good performance with safety, heat preservation, quarantine sound and Ultraviolet Rays etc.

With the broadest product portfolio in the market  BANDA is positioned for the requirements of decorative glazing. We offers special films for decorative effects with colored interlayers.

Every layer of PVB film rolls should be separated by film and vacuumed by aluminum foil, and put into wooden case. the finished qualified product should be enclosed with the conformity certification and list, etc.

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